Problems with a fibre connection?

Customer fell out with BT – problems with a fibre connection – problems because of distance to cabinet.

Wanted to leave BT and move back to a non-fibre connection.

Other internet providers said that a migration / downgrade path – wasn’t available. They’d have to migrate to a new fibre broadband provider, and then downgrade the product back to standard broadband.

Sounds simple – but all normal fibre broadband contracts are subject to at least a 12 month contract. So they could have a new provider, but still have the same problems.

Well, because we offer fibre contracts with just 30 day notice terms, we’re are migrating them from BT fibre to our fibre service, and after 30 days we’ll move them back to our standard broadband service.

Until they’d spoken to us, no-one had offered them a workable solution.

Simple solution to a complex problem.


Thanks for reading

James Partner

Oasis Technology