The internet’s best kept secret!

One of our providers and major referral partners is a company called Entanet. Their tag line used to be “the internet’s best kept secret” as whilst they were a huge company, no-one had really heard of them because they choose to build their business through an army of partners like myself.

“I appreciate that you don’t handle retail customers directly, so am hoping that you might be able to connect me with a local provider”… and so on..

This week, I was passed a referral from them for a potential client in North Yorkshire, who had emailed them, saying:

They’d passed the email on to me with the clients contact details, asking if I’d be able to contact them and assist.

Before calling, I pointed out to the customer service agent at Entanet that I was hardly local to the client, but would contact them.

The internet’s best kept secret!

The customer service agent promptly emailed me back, saying: “I don’t think it matters that you’re not local to them – we just wanted someone who knew what they were doing and who could advise them properly”.

That’s the level with which we are regarded by Entanet – a huge organisation – as one of their more established partners, they know that they can trust any enquires from prospective customers – to us.

Thanks for reading

James Partner

Oasis Technology